Just last week, we told you about all the different eating challenges available at restaurants across the state of Iowa. Now we have a brand new one to share!

Back Shop Pizza, located at 2911 S. 19th Street in Clinton, Iowa, has just launched a brand new pizza-eating challenge called the "Dump Truck Challenge." You and the person of your choice have exactly one hour to complete an enormous one-topping pizza! If you win, the pizza is free AND you'll get 60$ in "assorted Back Shop Cards." The post doesn't say exactly how big the pizza is, but as you can see from the photos, each piece is MUCH larger than your average slice!

The Dump Truck Challenge had its very first competitor on Tuesday, February 1st, just one day after it launched. So far, all four of the duos that have tried have come up short, with 3-4 pieces left on the platter. It may look easy, but it's clearly NOT!

If you're interested in attempting the 'Dump Truck Challenge,' the cost is $59.95 if you don't complete it, plus you have to pay for whatever drinks you order with it. If you leave the table or throw up, you are automatically disqualified. They also note that there are "no rules on sobriety..." For more information, you can contact the restaurant via their Facebook page HERE, or call (563) 559-2112. We wish you the best of luck!

Wanna check out some other interesting eating challenges here in Iowa? We've got a list of them HERE!

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