Now THIS is a holiday weekend party!  People at this home on Highway 52 near Crystal Lake Cave seemed to be having an absolute ball on Monday, July 5th.  This big ol' "Slip 'N Slide" looked to be a real thrill for everyone involved.  We salute you, and thank you for bringing joy into our world!


It was a big extended weekend for Slip N Slides.  The people at Natural Light broke the world record for longest Slip N Slide with a 2,021 footer in West Virginia on Thursday.  The previous record was 2007 feet, set by the nation of Jordan, before natty Light brought it home to the USA.


Meanwhile TMZ reported on Friday that NBC TV cancelled the program "Ultimate Slip N Slide" after what they called an "explosive diarreha outbreak."


The Slip N Slide was invented by an upholsterer named Robert Carrier who sold the idea to Wham-O.  The first Wham-O Slip N Slides were sold in 1961.

A quick check of online sales shows a huge variety of Slip N Slide-type products on the market, ranging in price from less than 30 dollars, to a full-on "Freestyle Hippo Slide" for a cool $69,000.   There seem to be a lot of marketers selling what is basically just a tarp or sheet of plastic as a "Slip N Slide" with instructions for the buyer to use it with a hose or sprinkler.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the manufacturer recommend that the use of Slip N Slide-type toys is only for children to avoid back and neck injuries when it is used by adults and teenagers. People older than children might stop suddenly when diving onto the toy due to the weight or height.


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