Iowa 51 - Maryland 14, Just like they called it.


Well, there's something poetic about a guy named Cobb predicting a Hawkeye victory.  If you find a prediction from a so-called expert for a humbling Terrapin butt-whooping on national TV, please share it in the comments.

Also, if you can explain why teams decide to wear black when hosting Iowa, squandering an opportunity to display their own school colors on a national stage and dressing in an opponent's color, we'd love an explanation of that, too.  We suspect it has to do with a funeral for season goals.

Next up for the Hawkeyes: Penn State visits Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, October 9th.  Kickoff is scheduled for 3:00 PM.  Listen for game coverage on Q107.5.

P.S.  Have an expert you'll trust for a pick on that game?

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