We're pretty pumped around here over the big news: our morning show, Bob and Sheri, have been nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame!  While Bob, Sheri and the gang have only been on in the tri-states for a couple years, they've been on in their hometown of Charlotte for nearly 30 years and now, they're set to become hall of famers.  The best part is that you'll be able to help them get in by voting for them -- we'll post the link for you to cast your ballots soon.

In the meantime, here's the fancy press release:

Bob & Sheri Nominated to Radio Hall of Fame
Fan Voting Begins Monday, July 27 – Sunday, August 9

DUBUQUE, IA – July 15, 2020 – Q107.5 (WDBQ-FM) is proud to announce that the popular radio morning show Bob & Sheri has been nominated for induction into the 2020 Radio Hall of Fame. Bob & Sheri’s listeners can cast their vote starting 6 am ET Monday, July 27 through 11:59 pm PT, Sunday, August 9. The website for voting will be announced on Monday during the Bob & Sheri show and shared on their social media pages.

Loyal listeners tune in to Q107.5 every day at 5am to hear the hysterical and engaging banter between Bob and Sheri. Bob and Sheri invite listeners into their lives and embrace their listeners’ lives, as well, with an open, lighthearted perspective on everything that makes life wonderful and sometimes challenging.

“We give our listeners an escape from the pressures of work, family, money, kids making crazy mistakes on social media...life is more complicated now, especially as we all struggle with life under COVID-19,” Lynch explained. “Our listeners want fun and funny real-life comedy… and that’s what we give them.”

Sheri Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster, the author of two best-selling books, and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Sheri is also an intermediate-level tap dancer, a crazy cat/dog lady, and the mom of 2 or 6 or 9 kids, depending on who’s home for dinner. A Philadelphia native who was raised in northwestern Wyoming, Sheri is a bookworm, a pop culture fanatic, and an enthusiastic fan of aliens, Bigfoot, zombies, abandoned places, and goofy Americana. When she’s not tormenting Bob Lacey, you can usually find her dragging her husband to visit The World’s Largest Spatula or something equally riveting.

Bob Lacey gave up the opportunity to be a big-time TV star, travel to exotic places throughout the world, and be paid really, really well to be radio partners and BFFs with Sheri Lynch. As a result, he almost never gets to talk about what he wants: growing up in Connecticut, cars, and lighthouses. Bob is known for having the best taste, the best ideas, the best dog – even the best, most helpful germs. He’s a lifelong fan of the Red Sox, The Rolling Stones, and the state of Maine. Bob’s perfect day would include a beach walk with his dog, dinner with his beautiful wife and family, and just for once, everyone agreeing that he’s absolutely right.

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