Two adorable little North American river otters have made their home on an Iowa State University lake.

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According to Ames Tribune, two otters have decided to make themselves at home on Lake LaVerne. The lake is right across from the restaurants and bars of Campustown, and since it's currently partly frozen, anyone who is in the area can see these two little furballs hanging out.

Janke told the Ames Tribune that it's "exceptional" for the otters to be in that lake considering how close it is to people and traffic. Not the mention that getting to the lake would be a journey, as the creek that feeds the lake diverts underground beneath at points. These two were determined!   Another fun fact, one of Janke's students has nicknamed the otters Otis and Ollie. Now that's adorable. You can read more into the otters and their habits in the Ames Tribune article

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