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Please do your part to limit the spread of COVID-19:

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  • When you cannot social distance, please wear a mask.
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January 25, 2021

Dubuque County: 19 New Cases, 14 Recoveries, and No New Deaths.

Iowa: 466 New Cases, 644 Recoveries, and No New Deaths.

When will Phase 1B vaccinations begin in Dubuque County?

February 1st is the Dubuque County Incident Management Team's goal; however, due to unknown vaccine allocations and supply, that date is not a guarantee. Vaccine allocations and availability will also influence where the vaccines are allocated locally.

The incident management team intends to follow Phase 1B's Tier 1 guidance and start with residents age 65 and over (50% of vaccine allocation), first responders, and PK-12 school personnel (50% of vaccine allocation).  The goal is to finish Phase 1A (healthcare workers) this week and begin Phase 1B next week.

As the incident management team works with local partners to begin Phase 1B, there are multiple planning challenges:

  • Unknown vaccine allocation
  • Unknown exact date of vaccine arrival
  • Unknown Biden Administration decisions regarding National Pharmacy Partnership execution (and other vaccine-related issues)
  • State-level guidance changes (Iowa Department of Public Health and/or the Governor’s office)

Additional information will be made available as soon as possible regarding Phase 1B.  Thank you for your patience.  For more information, visit


(11 a.m. yesterday to 11 a.m. today)


Dubuque County:

  • 19 new cases.
  • Total confirmed cases to date = 11,641


  • 466 new cases.
  • Total confirmed cases to date = 313,280
14-Day Trendline of New COVID-19 Cases in Dubuque County


  • Dubuque County: 1,091 active cases (5 more than yesterday)


Dubuque County:

  • No new deaths.
  • Total deaths related to COVID to date = 159
  • Underlying Cause Deaths = 150, Contributing Factor Deaths = 9


  • No new deaths.
  • Total deaths related to COVID to date = 4,488
  • Underlying Cause Deaths = 4,086, Contributing Factor Deaths = 402


  • Dubuque County Residents Hospitalized =  3 as of Jan. 23. (1 less than Jan. 22)
  • Iowans Currently Hospitalized = 383 (1 more than yesterday.)
Graph of Dubuque County Hospitalizations due to COVID-19


Dubuque County:

  • 63 more individuals tested.
  • Total individuals tested to date = 50,800
  • Total tests to date = 138,156


  • 1,770 more individuals tested.
  • Total individuals tested to date = 1,448,972
  • Total tests to date = 3,504,465


Dubuque County:

  • Past 14-day average = 10.0%
  • Past 7-day average = 8.9%


  • Past 14-day average = 11.0%
  • Past 7-day average = 8.5%


Dubuque County:

  • New recoveries = 14
  • Total number of recoveries = 10,391


  • New recoveries = 644
  • Total number of recoveries = 274,745


Dubuque County:
3 long-term care facility outbreaks (same as yesterday) with 146 current positive cases, 15 new positive cases in the last 14 days, and 106 recoveries:

  • Ennoble Nursing & Rehabilitation, Dubuque (60 current positive cases, 1 in the last 14 days, and 49 recoveries)
  • Hawkeye Care Center, Asbury (72 current positive cases, 0 in the last 14 days, and 58 recoveries)
  • Stonehill Care Center, Dubuque (15 current positive cases, 14 in the last 14 days, and 0 recoveries)

68 long-term care facility outbreaks (4 less than yesterday) with 1,839 current positive cases (residents and staff), 1,012 recoveries (residents and staff), and 1,860 resident deaths from all Iowa LTC facilities to date.

Graphic for Basic COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

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