Ted Nugent is adamant that Kid Rock isn't seeking public office, so it's time for his home state of Michigan to get serious about finding a candidate to oppose Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

Kid Rock, Nugent told Newsmax, "never thought, never hinted, never mentioned, never gave any consideration whatsoever to running for public office. Some goofball in the Michigan GOP just pulled it out of their ass and said, 'What about Kid Rock?'"

Nugent says local party leaders need to seek out a Donald Trump-like outsider who's willing accept the nomination. "Somebody write this down: Kid Rock ain’t running for squat," Nugent said. "They made it up and they’re running with it and they should probably stop and focus their resources on someone who can beat the Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi wannabe Debbie Stabenow."

It would take that kind of candidate, Nugent argues, to correct mistakes made by politicians who pander to the Democratic-leaning metropolises within reliably Republican-voting states. "There’s no blue states in the nation," he argued. "There’s only Democrat-run, high-crime blue smudges. Every state is a red state. The red states make this country tick, they make this country great, they make this country strong and productive every day."

All of this time spent focused on Kid Rock, whose current tour runs through November, puts the Michigan Republican party further behind in fixing issues that remain, Nugent said. "Somebody better put their resources together for someone who’s actually running for office instead of this nonsense that Kid Rock is gonna stop rocking and rolling and run for U.S. Senate," he said. "You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me.”

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