Not since peanut butter met jelly have two foods been so meant for each other. We think.

Taco Bell has announced it will sell a Kit Kat Chocodilla at select restaurants in Wisconsin. It comes with melted pieces of chocolate and Kit Kat inside a grilled tortilla, so you can have your meal and dessert all in one.

And if you like the sound of that, then you're going to be positively giddy about this: some restaurants will also offer a Twix quesadilla. You know, just in case all the chocolate coming your way for Halloween isn't enough to satisfy you.

The Kit Kat Chocodilla has already been sold in Britain and is a slight variation on the plain ol' Chocodilla, which features just (we say "just" very sarcastically) chocolate chips instead of cheese. We have to give some props to the Brits -- who knew they could be so innovative with food people would actually crave?

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