If I asked you to name 5 Irish bands, could you do it?

It seems like an easy task, but it's not. I spent the week doing careful research to see what 80s and 90s artists and bands we could feature this week with some Irish heritage.

If you were to ask me, I could easily give you U2 and the Cranberries. Sinéad O'Connor hails from the land of shamrocks and shillelaghs, and we'll definitely pull out Chris de Burgh's "Lady In Red."

House of Pain had their classic, "Jump Around," but the band liked to play down their irish look, as one of the members was actually born in Latvia. (That said, I'll still jam that tune anytime!)

Of course, the phrase "luck of the irish" is very common, so we'll have your chance to win free buffets to the Pizza Ranch, at 2020 Radford Road. I'll also have some tickets to see the Dubuque Fighting Saints at their next homestand at the Dubuque Ice Arena.

As always, shoot me your requests for the show at 563-585-1075, or grab the free Q107.5 mobile app and hit me up using the chat feature!

I hope your weekend is full of corned beef and green beer! Join me Saturday night from 7 pm to midnight for this weeks show, and be sure to throw our new Facebook page a 'like' and 'follow' if you would.

Thanks for listening!

Chris Farber - Saturday Night "Mix-Tape"

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