The man who once inexplicably tried to contain one of the most spectacular manes in rock history (Robert Plant) squares off against the only member of ZZ Top without a beard (Frank Beard) in this first-round March Mullet Madness battle.

We’ve lined up some of history’s most spectacular mullets and paired them off against each other for a series of tonsorial battles, and we’re halving the field every week based on your votes, until the greatest mullet in rock ‘n’ roll history is left standing.

If allowed to ask just one question of Plant, many people would probably inquire as to why he steadfastly refuses to reunite with his surviving Led Zeppelin bandmates. Speaking as a follically challenged man who's watched more than one girlfriend get hypnotized by every shake of Plant's golden tresses at a concert, we'd be more curious as to what possessed him to hack it down into a Kentucky waterfall.

As for Beard, well, at the risk of influencing your vote, he actually pulls off the Missouri compromise in style. Plus, if you think about it, as long as he's standing between twin beard titans Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill he can probably go largely unnoticed in anything this side of clown makeup.

So which of these mullets gets your vote? If you just can’t decide, don’t worry — you can come back and keep voting once an hour between now and when the Round One polls close on March 21 at 11:59PM ET. Our March Mullet Madness winner will be announced on April 12.


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