Wet weather = more mosquitos. The hurricanes and heavy rainfall this year have been affecting multiple states, which means mosquitos are thriving. Is this something we need to worry about in Iowa? Possibly. The mosquitos are usually a pain, but we could potentially see them hanging around a little longer than we have previously been used to. But more cause for concern at moment is the spiking West Nile cases in Arizona. Health officials say there have been 123 West Nile cases and 4 deaths this summer; a record high.

Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water, and with Dubuque being a river town I felt compelled to share this info about the rise in West Nile cases. Be mindful of the mosquitos this year and be sure to use your bug spray!  Most people who contract the West Nile virus won't be able to tell they have it, but it can be deadly for older people. Symptoms present themselves as mild flu-like symptoms. In a world of COVID19, and with a spike in West Nile cases this year, be sure to see a doctor if you are feeling ill. Everyone stay safe out there!

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