It’s time to get out and ride for a good cause at the 14th Annual Poke Run (Ride/Drive) this Saturday (9/17) through Iowa and into Wisconsin all to raise money for Research For The Kids directly benefitting Pediatric Brain Tumor and Heart Defects Research programs at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Credit: Research For The Kids
Credit: Research For The Kids

Research For the Kids – a local nonprofit organization; was driven forward by the tragedy and hope to remember Sarah Reiss, who passed away after a battle with Medulloblastoma; and, to honor Matthew Wessels, born with a heart condition that has already required three open-heart surgeries and life-long monitoring.

Credit: Google Maps 14th Annual Poke Run Ride/Drive Route
Credit: Google Maps
14th Annual Poke Run Ride/Drive Route

Registration for the ride begins at Happy’s Place in Dubuque from 8 to 11am on Saturday (9/17). Bikes depart at 11:30am sharp with stops in Shullsburg, Belmont, and Gooch's in Kieler. The $20 registration fee includes a meal ticket for Happy’s Place. There will also be cash prizes for the top three poker hands. Silent auction item bidding opens at registration, with the live auction to follow the ride at 6pm back at Happy’s Place. This event truly makes a difference each year. According to their website; Research for the Kids in just 5 years’ span has donated over 1.1 million dollars!


  • 2021          $304,369.59
  • 2020          $85,145.60
  • 2019          $291,186.04
  • 2018          $248,236.50
  • 2017          $220,657.54

In addition, to help support Research For The Kids you can fill up your bike or vehicle at Kwik Stop Twin Valley or Kwik Stop Gateway Drive locations this Saturday (9/17) and Kwik Stop will donate 10 cents for every gallon purchased at either location through 10pm to Research For The Kids, again directly benefitting the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital Brain Tumor and Heart Research programs. Check out the seriously cool auction items available at the 14th Annual Poker Run (Ride/Drive) here and find more details or make a donation by visiting You can also contact Mark Reiss at 563-542-9063.

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