If you watched the new ‘Ant-Mantrailer during the premiere of ‘Agent Carter’ earlier this week, you caught the note at the end to logon to EW.com to see more from the movie. Unfortunately, if you logged on, you didn’t really see anything, because all that stuff was actually in the magazine. But, now Entertainment Weekly’s new ‘Ant-Man’ images have finally appeared online and we get a good look at Paul Rudd in and out of the Ant-Man costume, as well as a new shot of Evangeline Lilly.

One of the things I particularly like about this first image is that it shows what happens with a costume when it’s not being worn. It’s just on a hanger in the bathroom, apparently. What does Thor do with his costume? Captain America probably folds it all nicely and tucks it into an old bureau. Anyway…

We see Lilly again in her business attire—she no longer works for Pym Industries after a falling out with her father (Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas), but instead works for rival Cross Industries, home of Darren Cross, aka Yellowjacket—but, we know from the trailer that she’s got a rough and tumble side too. She was kicking the crap out of some dude in a sparring session. Hopefully, we’ll get to see those skillz put to use in the film, and by skills, specifically getting into the Wasp suit and helping Ant-Man kick some ass. We do not want to wait until ‘Ant-Man 2' to see The Wasp.

Check out the new images below and let us know what you’re thinking of all this new ‘Ant-Man’ stuff.

‘Ant-Man’ opens in theaters on July 17.