They chose to accept the mission, I guess. Does that mean this blog post will self-destruct in five seconds? (I hope not, I need high engagement on these articles, guys.)

Via Twitter, both writer/director Christopher McQuarrie and actor/producer/chief running expert Tom Cruise announced they were going to make two more Mission: Impossible movies back to back:

Variety says McQuarrie will write and direct both movies, and that the two movies will be shot back to back “in order to take advantage of the popularity of the series, with the first bowing summer 2021 and the second coming out in summer 2022.” Cruise already has the sequel to Top GunTop Gun: Maverick, coming out next summer.

As someone who thought the last Mission: Impossible, Fallout, was the best film in the franchise to date, I’m glad McQuarrie will continue to remain in charge of this series. As someone who thought for sure Cruise was stepping back from the franchise with Ghost Protocol — which is now three movies ago! — I’m kind of blown away at his longevity. As someone who enjoys when Simon Pegg cracks jokes while Tom Cruise runs extremely fast, I’m beyond excited. I’d watch ten more Mission: Impossible movies from these guys.

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