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It's World Stroke Day

Tuesday, Oct. 29 is World Stroke day. According to the CDC, up to 90 percent of strokes could be prevented by addressing a small number of risk factors such as changing your diet and exercising. Click here to learn more!

Halloween Spending at a High

People aren't playing games when it comes to Halloween this year! Shoppers will reportedly spend an average of $86.27 on Halloween. That's $3.2 billion on costumes, $2.6 billion on candy, $2.7 billion on decorations and $390 million on greeting cards. How much will you spend? (via NRF)

Megan Markle's Sister Investigated for Cyber-Bullying

Megan Markle's sister Samantha is reportedly under investigation in Florida for cyber-bullying the duchess following multiple complaints of Samantha posting cruel things about Megan and Prince Harry online. Apparently, countries such as Canada, Sweden and the U.K. have also filed complaints. (Plus, Samantha was suspended from Twitter in August for this same thing. Someone take her phone away!) (via The Shade Room)

New Justin Bieber Music... With a Catch!

Justin Bieber has promised that if he receives 20 million likes on an Instagram post teasing his new record, he'll release a new album before Christmas this year. So, if you haven't already, go like the post—because we need this album already!

Apple Reveals Noise-Cancelling Airpods

Here's another thing for us to lose! Apple announced they will release new Airpods called Airpods Pro. The price point ($249) is relatively high, but the device will include active noise cancellation and flexible silicon tips; will be water proof; and will have up to 5 hours of battery life. (via Mashable)

Celebrities Evacuate California Fires

Many people were forced to evacuate their homes in California on Monday (Oct. 28) due to wildfires, including LeBron James and his family. Their house is located just miles away from other homes that caught fire. So far, 20,000 people have been displaced and nearly a million people are expected to lose power this week because of the fires. (via TMZ)

All Hail Foodgod!

Kim Kardashian's best friend, Jonathan Cheban, just changed his legal name to his Instagram handle: Foodgod. Is there anything more 2019?

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