The act of listening to music has come a long way since the invention of the bulky and ridiculous looking phonograph in the late 1800s. But with vinyl and record players super-hot these days, it's only a matter of time before cassettes make their big comeback.

Too bad kids these days have no idea how cassette players even work. In the above video, a bunch of them struggle with the basic uses of the Walkman, the portable cassette player that was a precursor to iPods.

The video includes some facts about the cassette player at the bottom of the screen throughout, so the seven-minute clip is both funny and educational! The hilarious video features a bunch of adorable children trying to figure out what this "thing" that they're given is actually used for. One even confuses it for a phone and then wishes it was an iPhone.

Our favorite quote comes from nine-year-old Shannon, who says, "So when you wanted to hear a song, you had to press the fast-forward button and just guess?" Yes, buddy, yes we did.