Kendrick Lamar's partnership with Reebok was first announced in 2014 and since then, the rapper has gone on to two new projects and become one of the most important voices in music. Brought on to help reintroduce the Reebok Classic to the masses, the sneaker brand dropped the latest commercial featuring the superstar rapper.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the man responsible for the "Alright" video, the 30-second clip features K. Dot walking through a house full of Medieval Age imagery as he lays down a spoken word verse.

"From the very heart of me, belief becomes action and no distractions will take my eyes off the prize," he said. "Greatness is my goal, but there is failure on the way. Full of insecurity, self hate and doubt. But what I can't control can't confine me. And what I can't do can't stop me. This is how I express myself, not how I follow others expectations but how I stay true."

Back in '14, XXL caught up with Lamar and asked he cited Juvenile and the Hot Boys as major influences in his decision to link with Reebok.

"For me organically I already have a history of rocking the brand. When I was a kid being in sixth and seventh grade listening to Hot Boys and Juvenile and them talking about Reebok, and we kind of ran them shoes to the ground in middle school all the way to high school. So when you get into a situation with so many opportunities, so many brands that are pulling for you, you always want to go to something that feels organic."

Peep images of the Compton, Calif. native's Reebok collab.

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