At a glance, looks like any other website for a boring technology company, with details on its founder, Sanjay Masrani, his son and successor Simon, and their financial interests in construction, engineering, real estate, health care, and dinosaur theme parks. On second thought, perhaps that last part is a clue that Masrani Global doesn’t exist, except as a fictional company in the story of ‘Jurassic World,’ next summer’s sequel to Steven Spielberg’s ’90s dinosaur classic. (The fact that Simon Masrani looks a whole lot like actor Irrfan Khan is another giveaway.)

The site also talks about Masrani buying InGen from Dr. John Hammond (the Jurassic Park founder played by Richard Attenborough in the first two films) and the construction of the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. And there are lots of pictures too, including one of BD Wong reprising his role as scientist Henry Wu.

A few other prime shots from the site:

Hey look! Dinosaurs (sort of)! And eggs (I think)! And a helicopter (those are always cool)! ‘Jurassic World’ is already shaping up to be the best ‘Jurassic Park’ movie since ‘Jurassic Park III.’ It opens in theaters on June 12, 2015. Feel free to amuse yourself until then by browsing and looking for more secrets and spoilers.