Neal Schon is warning fans about a "piece of shit" imposter trying to scam them out of a hefty sum of cash for a phony meet and greet.

"Dear friends, I've been very busy working and trying to heal from the pain from [the] loss of [longtime Journey manager] Herbie Herbert, and there is a low-life imposter acting like they are me asking you to write me privately," Journey's guitarist says in a Facebook post. "Know that this is not me. Always check for [a] blue dot. I do not have any other account. Have some decency please."

Schon's post included a photo of a fake license that the imposter is allegedly using to convince fans of the scam's authenticity. "So please if anyone [tries] to approach you saying [they are] me, turn them in," Schon wrote. "Report it and I’ll press charges. This is a serious offense."

He also revealed just how much money the alleged scammer is trying to swindle out of Journey fans. "Apparently this A-hole is at it again, asking for [$]350 money for [a] VIP pass. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PIECE OF SHIT!"

You can see Schon's full post below.

He's far from the first rock star to be impersonated by a scammer on social media. Bret Michaels warned fans in January of numerous imposters posing as him online, vowing to "work with Dr. Phil to help people that have been victimized by these scumbags." Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale and the Eagles both issued social-media statements about scammers last December, as well.

Journey also found themselves in a strange predicament several years ago when fans confused a series of shows promoted as the "Journey Tour 2014" with the group's concurrent dates. It turned out to be the Journeys Noise Tour, a package headlined by the metalcore bands Issues and I Killed the Prom Queen. The uncertainty prompted another statement from Journey, who advised fans not to buy tickets for what promised to be a much different tour.

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