There’s no one quite like John Boyega. From his hot Star Wars takes on the Internet to his impeccable red carpet outfit choices, the 27 year-old actor has made a name for himself by simply being himself. He’s candidly honest about his role of Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and hasn’t let his celebrity status go to his head. Well, except for one little thing. Boyega thinks that he should have played every single cat in Tom Hooper’s cursed adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s CatsThe movie grossed a pitiful $6.5 million on its opening weekend, compared to The Rise of Skywalker’s $175.5 million.

In a bizarre, unprecedented Instagram video, Boyega states, “I saw the trailer for Cats and I said to myself, ‘You know what? I could have killed that.’” Cut to the climax of the movie’s trailer, where Boyega has replaced all the characters’ faces with his own. He captioned the surreal video with: “The litter box scene was absolutely disgusting to shoot.”

If you weren’t on the Boyega train before, hopefully this is enough to convince you. With a parade of Cats actors publicly distancing themselves from the project, Boyega is the only actor to willingly insert himself into the movie, of which he was not a part of to begin with. What did the world do to deserve John Boyega?

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