It was a very scary day for an entire school district in Northeastern Iowa.

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On Friday, students in the Cedar Valley eagerly awaited possible news of a two hour delay due to the winter weather that swept through the area the day before. While most schools called an early dismissal the day before, a small number of schools were calling for a two hour delay that day.


Students and parents at Sumner-Fredericksburg initially thought the weather was the reason for the delay. Minutes after the initial 2 hour delay announcement via the school district social media page, another more concerning message came out.

"There is a situation in Sumner. Nobody is to come to the school area."

Then a few minutes later, the social media team posted another vague Facebook statement. This one was more urgent.

"Buses will be delayed due to conditions beyond our control. Please do not approach Durant or the HS, per Bremer County Sheriff. THE INCIDENT IS NOT AT THE SCHOOLS"

Then the school officials canceled school for staff and students due to the incident. At the time, there wasn't too much information about what exactly went on. Now, several days later those unfortunate details have come to light.

According to a report from KCRG, Sumner Police officials were sent out to the 200 block of West 6th Street just before 8:00 AM. Reports confirmed that gunshots were heard from the residence, and not too long after this initial assessment a 58-year-old left approached authorities.

She had multiple gunshot wounds and was quickly transported to a nearby hospital. Authorities say 65-year-old Bruce Kuhlmann locked himself inside of of the home in a standoff that lasted for approximately four hours.

KCRG reported that authorities threw tear gas inside of the home.

Officials also confirmed that this exchange ended when Kuhlmann killed himself.

We will continue to provide more information as more details are revealed.

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