Illinoisans know how to start their day off right: with breakfast.  I believe it because I'm a sucker for a hearty breakfast.

The only way you can get me out of bed is asking if I want to go to breakfast.  My go-to order is always a full order of eggs benedict with a side of hash browns.

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If you're an avid traveler like me, you know trying different types of foods is an absolute must.  Though airport food might not sound like the most appealing, one restaurant inside O'Hare International Airport apparently has the best airport food to enjoy before your early morning flight.

Johnny V - TSM
Johnny V - TSM

According to LoveHolidays, one Illinois city ranked extremely high on America's list for breakfast fanatics.  Let's find out where we're headed for our next breakfast road trip!

Illinois City Named Best In America 'For Breakfast Lovers'

"With 40.8 billion views on TikTok for #breakfast and +132% increase in people searching for the ‘Best breakfast/Brunch places near me’, it seems people certainly like to start their day off right."

I guess I'm not the only one watching food videos all the time on TikTok... phew!

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New York, New York came in at #1 as the best city for breakfast lovers, Las Vegas, Nevada at #2, Los Angeles, California at #3, and at #4....


There were so many factors that went into determining this list.

  • Number of bakeries, breakfast cafes, and coffee shops
  • Cost of a coffee
  • Number of social media posts



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Who else made the top 10 list?

Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Nashville.  Any cities you think we should add?

Whether you're looking for pancakes, bagels, eggs, avocado toast, or french toast, now you know where to find some top tier breakfast foods in America.  If the food is THAT good, it's totally worth the drive.

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