The eclipse was pretty anticlimactic for most of us, honestly.

If you weren't in the path of totality for the eclipse this week, the best part of the eclipse were the memes that came out of it.


In the Quad Cities, we were in about 89% totality and you couldn't tell anything happened. Maybe the sun got a little dimmer? In southern Illinois however, the path of totality to completely darken the sky cut right through the area.

So will we have a better shot at a great view of the next total solar eclipse in 2045?

The 2045 Path Of Totality

Our next total solar eclipse is set to happen on August 12th, 2045.

National Eclipse has already released the path of totality for the 2045 total solar eclipse that will cut through the U.S., though not as strongly as the one this week did.

So will the Midwest get a good view of it in 20ish years?

National Eclipse
National Eclipse

Lol no. We won't see much of it at all in the Midwest.

If you're bent on seeing a total solar eclipse, there are other countries that will see one before too long, like South America this October, as well as Antarctica, Russia, Greenland and Europe in 2026. Or you can plan a trip out west way in advance for 2045.

The 2045 total solar eclipse path of totality looks like it could be even more disappointing from a Midwest view than the one we had this week. I looked directly at it and my eyeballs are still in my skull this morning?

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