April showers may bring May flowers and also May issues.

Aside from the unnecessary April snowfall, spring is a lovely season. Nature is coming alive again, we hear birds chirping, it's warmer, and we're in summer prep mode. Seeing wildflowers bloom are one of my favorite parts of spring and one in Illinois is particularly pretty.

Meet Henbit

Notley Hawkins/AGCO Farm Life
Notley Hawkins/AGCO Farm Life

How pretty is that purple field? It looks like a sea of lavender but it's called henbit. According to Illinois Wildflowers, henbit is very common in most fields in Illinois except for the northwest part of the state. It isn't native to Illinois and spreads aggressively. According to University of Illinois Extension, henbit produces flowers from April through June.

Henbit isn't actually a flower, it's more considered a weed. It's in the mint family.

What's The Problem?

MSU Extension/Diane Brown
MSU Extension/Diane Brown

When you drive by these purple fields, it's a gorgeous sight that takes your breath away. Unfortunately, the plant may do literally that.

Experts say that these plants are huge issues for allergies. They have a lot of pollen and nectar, which besides getting into your system, also attracts bees. Honeybees love them. These are some of the main plants that will make you feel like you're sneezing your nose off this time of year.

If these weeds pop up around your house or in your yard, you can pull them out. It might suck since they're a very pretty color, but is it worth getting hit with a tough round of spring allergies? That's your call.

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