If you procrastinated getting your kid's Easter goodies, you may soon regret that.

We all know inflation is an issue, everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon and it makes holidays all the more expensive.

That includes this year's Easter Bunny visit.


I happened to notice some of the prices of Easter candy in the grocery store and I did a double-take. Food is expensive but really? We're going after the candy now?

Forbes said that the price of cocoa jumped to a record this week, hitting $10,000 per metric ton for the first time.

Hershey and Mondelez (the folks behind Cadbury) said that they're hiking product prices in response to it. Mars, on the other hand, is keeping prices the same but decreasing the sizes of the chocolates, or putting hazelnut-based candies in the spotlight instead.

But who doesn't want a chocolate bunny for Easter?

Why The Problem Exists

Forbes says over 70% of the world's cocoa is grown in West Africa. As we all know very well, weather can ruin crops really quick. El Nino, the climate system that's been moving across the world- played a hand in declining cocoa crops and even spread a disease in the cocoa called 'black pod disease'.

Sugar prices are also going up so it's a double issue.

I did notice that Peeps (the most unnecessarily hated-on Easter candy) weren't as expensive as the chocolate bunnies.

We've all been dealing with it for months, inflation was bound to hit the Easter Bunny too.

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