The eclipse was cool but now what do you do with those eclipse glasses?

We ooo'd and ahhh'd over the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. If you were in the path of totality, you got a perfect view. Everywhere else it still looked pretty cool, it just got dark in the middle of the day.

We rushed to get eclipse glasses, the 3-D movie-looking glasses that you could find in many supermarkets and stores around Illinois and Iowa.

The path of totality clipped southern Illinois so many Midwesterners made a road trip.


So now you have these things sitting around.

Don't throw away your eclipse glasses.

They won't set your trash on fire or anything but you can donate them to a great cause.

Helping Other Kiddos See The Eclipse Too

Partial Solar Eclipse Over Spain
Getty Images

Eclipse Glasses USA collects used eclipse glasses to send to help kids in Latin America see the October 2024 eclipse safely. 

Just make sure the eclipse glasses you want to donate aren't damaged. No scratches, punctures, tears or anything like that that would compromise the effectiveness. Donating them to this is a much better use than tossing them in the trash.

Put the eclipse glasses in the mail and send them to:

Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
P.O. Box 50571
Provo UT 84605

In order for the eclipse glasses to reach the kiddos in time for the October eclipse, you need to get them in the mail by August 1st.

You can get more info on ways to send glasses by reaching out to

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