According to Dubuque Police, in the late hours of May 6th, 2024, Dubuque was rattled by an alarming report of gunshots on the 50 block of East 26th Street The incident unfolded when Josh Giegerich, a Dubuque resident, confronted three juvenile males near his parked vehicle. What seemed like a routine encounter quickly escalated into a potentially life-threatening situation.

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According to Giegerich, upon questioning the juveniles about their presence, they promptly fled the scene. In a chilling turn of events, one of the juveniles allegedly turned back and fired a gun in Giegerich's direction. Fortunately, Giegerich escaped unharmed, and no injuries or damages were reported. However, the gravity of the situation was not lost on the authorities.

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Dubuque Police sprang into action, utilizing traffic cameras and conducting interviews to identify the alleged perpetrator. Their swift and diligent efforts paid off when, on May 7th, 2024, at approximately 10:45 am, the suspect, a 15-year-old Dubuque male, was apprehended in the 900 block of W. 5th St. The arrest wasn't without additional findings, as drug paraphernalia was reportedly discovered in the suspect's possession.

Credit: Google Maps Approximated location of the shooting incident in Dubuque.
Credit: Google Maps
Approximate location of the shooting incident in Dubuque.

Following the arrest, authorities consulted with the Dubuque County Attorney’s Office to determine the appropriate charges. Consequently, the juvenile was charged with Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon, Minor Armed with a Dangerous Weapon, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. These charges underscore the severity of the incident and the potential consequences of such reckless behavior.


The swift resolution of this incident highlights the coordinated efforts of law enforcement and the community's commitment to ensuring public safety. However, it also raises concerns about local juveniles' involvement in criminal activities and access to firearms.

In response to this incident, Dubuque residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. Additionally, there is a pressing need for continued efforts to address the underlying issues contributing to youth involvement in crime, including access to firearms and substance abuse.

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