It seems like the month of January went on FOREVER, but it has finally come to an end! We had five fantastic Listener Lunches at Lucky's on 16th last month, but now it's time to move on to a different Cedar Rapids restaurant. For February Listener Lunch, we will be eating at...

Sugarfire Smoke House Cedar Rapids!

Sugarfire Smoke House first opened its doors at 2350 Edgewood Rd SW in June of 2020. Since then, I've been to the restaurant probably over a dozen times. I can confidently say that EVERY SINGLE TIME I've been in, I've had an amazing meal. Some of my favorite things to order are the smoked turkey, brisket cheesesteak, cheeseburger, fried chicken biscuit, and pulled pork sandwich. And don't even get me started on the sides! The mac & cheese and fries are to die for, and you don't want to miss out on the cornbread and smoked chocolate chip cookies.

Another thing I love about Sugarfire Smoke House is their daily specials. They are always offering new and unique items, which they feature on their social media accounts. Just look at some of these creations!

If you and your coworkers would like to join us for Listener Lunch in the month of February, it's pretty simple to get signed up. And, once you're in, you're in for the entire year, so there's no need to keep entering over and over! You can register your workplace HERE. If you're selected, we meet on Tuesday afternoons at 11:30 a.m. and you can bring up to six other people with you. We hope to see you and your coworkers this month!

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