Life as we know it today would not be the same without a bunch of smart people creating things that make out lives better. In fact, the device you're reading this article on wouldn't have existed without some bright mind inventing the technology.

Today, we literally have the world at our fingertips. Just open up that little, rectangular device you sometimes make phone calls on, and discover whatever you want to know. It's pretty awesome, and amazing that all of that just evolved from one person's idea.

Some of those ideas and brilliant brains came from right here in good ol' Iowa. Fun fact: The first electronic digital computer was created at Iowa State University in Ames according to Only In Your State. From food to technology, Iowans have made quite the impact.

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Some things that are a part of our everyday life were invented right here in Iowa. Only In Your State compiled a list of 'Surprising Things You Didn't Know Came From Iowa', that sparked us to take a deeper dive.

Here's a look at a few inventions that you can thank the great state of Iowa for.

Inventions By Iowans

These products were all invented by people from Iowa.

There you have it. We don't just grow corn here...we also grow some smart folks!

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Let's brag a little bit more about the Hawkeye state, by showing off some incredible photos. You've got to admit, despite what those who've never lived her may think, we've got a lot going for us.

Iowans Show Off Their Most Beautiful Photos of the State

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