Eastern Iowa is filled with terrific young people. So many of them show incredible leadership by doing amazing work in their schools and communities. This spring and early summer, we're recognizing 18 of those youth in Linn County who make up our '18 Under 18'. One of them will win a $3,000 scholarship.

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98.1 KHAK and the Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County (WCRLC) are teaming up for '18 Under 18', as we salute young adults in the six school districts covered by the Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County. First, a little about the mission of the WCRLC.

The Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County "educates and empowers individuals to make better choices with all aspects of their wellness to create healthier communities by preventing and reducing substance use, educating on mental health, and striving for better wellness."

In honoring our '18 Under 18', we need your help. Do you know a young person who is already making a difference at their school, in their church, or where they live? Are they actively involved in the arts, scouts, or sports? Maybe they're a leader at school or have shown a keen interest in impacting their community. Perhaps they set a wonderful example for others in their school.

The above are just some examples of the type of young people we're looking for with '18 Under 18'. You can nominate students in any of the six Linn County school districts served by the Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County by filling out the nomination form below. The school districts are:

  • Alburnett
  • Center Point
  • Central City
  • Lisbon
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Springville

Be listening to 98.1 KHAK and watching here on our website and app for the students to be honored beginning the week of May 10, and concluding the week of July 10. A randomly selected winner will receive the $3,000 scholarship from the Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County and 98.1 KHAK.

*The nomination deadline is Thursday, April 27 at 11:59 p.m.

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