Five Republican Presidential candidates took to the stage Wednesday night in the third debate sponsored by the Republican National Committee, NBC News, and Salem Radio Group.

To no one's surprise, presidential frontrunner former President Donald Trump was not on the stage as he continues to enjoy a considerable lead over the entire field. However, despite his absence, Wednesday's debate was the best.

Vivek Smacks RNC Chairwoman for being a loser.

Vivek Ramaswamy opened the night following Nikki Haley and Governor Ron DeSantis. Instead of promoting his candidacy, the guy said what many Conservatives and Republicans have been whispering for several years.

The party continues to have lost several national elections since she took office.

The Republican Party has limited debates and has yet to hold a debate in Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina. The next scheduled debate is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A city known for football, but not presidential politics.

YouTube / Fox News
YouTube / Fox News


'Don't Talk About My Daughter, You're Just Scum!

The Vivek / Nikki Show continued last night with a big show of verbal fireworks involving the Chinese App TikTok. Mr. Ramaswamy defended his choice of using the dangerous software while Mrs. Haley's daughter was on TikTok. You can see the exchange here.

The former UN Ambassador did deliver the best comments concerning the continued fallout of the Dobbs decision from the United States Supreme Court.

Florida Governor Continues to Make His Case

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a stricter stance concerning former President Trump. The Florida governor pointed out that the president should be on the debate stage and that he wasn't the president has changed since 2016. He provided specific examples of how he helped Floridians escape the war in Israel.


The Other Two

Chris Christie and Senator Tim Scott did their best to keep the public's attention. Mr. Christie was unusually reserved while Senator Scott made his case concerning his plan to save Social Security.

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The Big 8

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