A Disney on Ice performer fell from a lift and remains in critical condition.

On Saturday (Feb. 10), the traveling show was at Target Center in Minneapolis. During the morning show about 40 minutes into the first half of the show, the figure skater portraying Belle from Beauty & The Beast, was taking part in pair skating alongside a male skater who was portraying The Beast/Prince. During a lift, she somehow fell to the ice, though it is unclear what exactly happened to cause her to fall.

In videos posted to social media, the Belle skater was seen seizing while The Beast/Prince skater was looking on. Three workers dressed in black were surrounding her off the ice while one used a walkie talkie, presumably to get help. The music and other skaters were still performing until moments after she began seizing in which the music stopped. The other skaters then cleared the ice.

According to eyewitnesses, within 20-30 seconds of the fall, the arena made an announcement saying that the show would be paused and proceeded to turn off direct spotlights, seemingly for privacy. The medical crew on site were able to transfer her off of the ice and put up a tent in the section where the ice met the floor. Later on, the show did continue on to its completion.

The skater was later taken to the local hospital, Hennepin County Medical Center. As of Sunday, reports from the medical center stated that she was still in "stable but critical condition."

"Disney On Ice appreciates the well wishes from our fans as our team member recovers," Feld Entertainment, the company that owns the traveling show, said in a statement. The remaining shows in Minneapolis will continue as scheduled through Feb. 11.

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