Should Sister Wives cast members Christine Brown and Janelle Brown do a spin-off series? Well, according to Gwendlyn Brown, they most definitely should.

Gwendlyn is the daughter of Kody and Christine and she shared her thoughts on the spin-off series via a season 17 episode recap on her YouTube channel.

"I think we should have a spin-off series where Janelle and my mom get together. Tell me you don't love that idea. Sister Wives," she said.

Check out the clip below:

Many fans were quick to agree with Gwendlyn's thought about the potential spin-off series.

"I absolutely agree that Christina and Janelle have a show together. It would be a great show because maybe we would get to see the grand babies and the rest of the adult children," said one comment.

"I've been saying I want a Janelle-Christine spin-off all year," said another.

"Your mom and Janelle need their own show, it will be a hit!!" one person exclaimed.

Despite Christine and Kody going their separate ways, Christine has gone on record, saying that she still plans on appearing in the Sister Wives series.

Janelle, who entered into a polygamous marriage with Kody in 1993, announced her split via a Sister Wives: One on One sneak peek that published online Dec. 11

Kody and Meri Brown also shared that they would no longer be a couple after having been together for 32 years.

He only has one remaining wife, Robyn Brown, who Gwendlyn has gone on record, saying that she "doesn't really like" her.

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