A new special episode of the internationally popular Australian kids show Bluey is making everyone emotional and sparking rumors about the show's end.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

In a recent episode, a For Sale sign was posted outside of the cartoon family's home, making many fans wonder if it was meant to signal the end of Bluey's run.

The episode was also the first in the adorable children's series to not feature any music during the closing credits, which made fans extra nervous about a potential end.

However, according to BBCBluey producer Sam Moor said that the show will definitely be returning.

"It is the question on everybody's lips. No, it is not the end for Bluey. I'm sure we have many more surprises in store for you," Moor said.

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"We have more in store and we are thinking what would be next," she added.

As for the episode titled "The Sign," which aired Sunday (April 14), Moor explained why it was a special episode at four times the length of a normal Bluey installment.

"The team worked really hard to get that one out, everybody put all their love and effort into it," the producer said.

Another producer, Daley Pearson, also spoke out about the special episode.

"I think when we have taken risks, that's when it's been the most exciting and I think that's when the audience has liked it the most as well. So whatever it will be, it will be something that we're not quite sure if we can do. But we hope we can," Pearson said.

He told ABC Australia, "It's the most beautiful episode we've made. It's taken people by surprise and got through a chink in their armor."

"We had a crew screening where everyone cried … but we're not sure if that was just because they were relieved. It was a very emotional experience for everybody," Pearson continued.

Bluey follows a Blue Heeler pup of the same name and her family – dad Bandit, mom Chilli, and little sister Bingo – and all of the hijinks they get up to.

The show has put out more than 150 episodes across three seasons, and it looks like they have no intention of ending Bluey any time soon.

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