If you told someone your town was "going to the dogs", they would probably feel sorry for you.  After all, the term "going to the dogs" doesn't sound much like a compliment or a positive message.  But this time it does.

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The 2022 dockdogs World Championships officially gets underway today at the Five Flags Center in Dubuque.  This year's World Championships include 5 straight days of competition.  There are over a dozen categories this year including "Iron Dog", "Legend Dog", "Veteran Dog" and "High Flyer".  Two of my favorite categories are "Top Gun" and "Turbo"

I can still recall the first time I saw a Dockdogs competition in person.  It was many years ago at an event called America's River Festival here in Dubuque.  I was simply amazed at the strength and speed of the dogs that were entered.  And believe me, the dogs and their handlers took the competition seriously.  Some have traveled 500 miles or more to compete.

There was even a competition for local dogs to show off their skills.  Of course, they weren't as good as the dogs on tour, but they were still fun to watch.  I even got to catch up and chat with a few local owners I knew.

Sure if you are walking downtown this weekend you may hear a few barks or yelps.  But the sound that really makes a difference is the sound of cash registers.  Whether it's restaurants or lodging, gas or groceries, events like the dock dogs competition brings tourism dollars to our city.

For a schedule of events CLICK HERE. This year's dock dogs event is FREE to attend for spectators, but please remember to leave non-competing dogs at home.  In other words, leave the competition to the professionals.

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