Congresswoman Ashley Hinson released the following statement after being discharged from UnityPoint St. Luke’s Hospital following treatment for a kidney infection.

I am grateful to everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers over the last few days. I am feeling much better, will continue resting at home, and look forward to getting out on the road to be with Iowans soon. The doctors and nurses at UnityPoint St. Luke’s Hospital have been incredible, and I want to thank each of them for their exceptional care.” - Congresswoman Ashley Hinson


Congresswoman Ashley Hinson's Chief of Staff, Jimmy Peacock, released the following update.

Congresswoman Hinson is feeling better, but still undergoing treatment for a kidney infection at UnityPoint St. Luke's Hospital, and will remain there overnight. She sincerely appreciates everyone who has reached out, and is grateful for the incredible doctors and nurses at St. Luke's Hospital who have provided phenomenal care. We will continue to provide updates."  - Jimmy Peacock, Chief of Staff


Eastern Iowa's member of Congress was admitted to the hospital over the weekend. News reports indicate that Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson is recovering while getting treatment in the hospital for a kidney infection.

Hinson's Chief of Staff Jimmy Peacock tweeted the congresswoman went to UnityPoint St. Luke's Hospital Sunday.

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Despite the barrage of negative attacks leading up to the November Election, Hinson's Democratic challenger State Senator Liz Mathis, tweeted well wishes for Hinson's speedy recovery from her illness.

Assuming and hoping Hinson's illness is treatable, now the question is whether she will be able to get back on her feet in time to go toe to toe with Mathis on Tuesday for a previously scheduled debate on Iowa PBS.

Photo Credit; Keith B. via canvas & KCRG TV 9
Photo Credit; Keith B. via canvas & KCRG TV 9

Twenty-Four hours is a lifetime in politics, and while likely a bump in the road for Hinson, campaigns can and do often take strange turns in the final weeks of an election. This is especially true when infections requiring hospitalization are an issue.

With under three weeks remaining in the election, Hinson and Mathis are seasoned politicians and former news reporters at KCRG TV 9 in Cedar Rapids. Additionally, Mathis spent time at KWWL TV 7 in Waterloo.

Mathis has also served ten years in the Iowa State Senate. Hinson is finishing her first term in Congress after two stints in the Iowa House of Representatives. Both candidates entered the race with solid name identification and an understanding of federal politics and issues facing Iowans.

No recent public polling is available. However, the race is widely considered close. Iowa's 2nd District has tended to lean Republican through the Trump years.

Photo Credit: via KCCI Youtube Channel
Photo Credit: via KCCI Youtube Channel

The General Election is Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Notable Voting Dates in Iowa

Registration Deadlines:

  • By mail (postmarked by) October 24
  • In-person at a voting location on Election Day, November 8
  • Online By 5 PM on October 24
Absentee Ballot Deadlines
  • Request ballot - received by 5 PM on October 24
  • Return the ballot by mail before 8 PM on November 8
  • Return the ballot in person by 8 PM on November 8

View this candidate profile from KCCI TV 8 

Hinson and Mathis faced one another earlier this month during a contentious televised debate on KCRG TV 9.

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