It's no secret that Pixar films are beloved the world over. There are many great Easter eggs and tidbits hidden in their movies, but did you know these 10 Amazing Facts about Pixar itself?

AllTime10s has posted another great video, now focusing on some interesting bits of information about the famed animation company. Some of these facts might already be known to most folk, such as "A113" appearing in many Pixar films as a tribute to a room at CalArts, where many Pixar animators studied. One of the first instances of this number appearing in a Pixar movie was on the license plate of a car in 'Toy Story.'

Other facts are less known and provide some fun trivia, such as John Lasseter owning over 1,000 Hawaiian shirts. He purportedly files them by subject and rotates them with the seasons. That's a lot of shirts.

Then there's the interesting promotion that Disney & Pixar wanted to run for 'Ratatouille' in which they'd sell bottles of wine with Remy the Rat on the label. This idea was nixed because some people felt that it encouraged underage drinking.

But the coolest fact, in our humble opinion, is that there's a full-scale replica of Carl Fredricken's house from 'Up' in Utah. Everything from the film has been recreated in the interior and the house is valued at $399,900. But there's no word on whether or not you can throw a lever in order to get it airborne with the help of balloons.

Watch the video above and start saving up some money for that house!

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