Spooky season has arrived! And with the spooky season comes spooky decor. However, a staple fall item may be pricier and more difficult to get your hands on this year than years previous. This summer's wet weather wreaked havoc on pumpkin farms around the country, leaving us with a pumpkin shortage.

A fungus caused damage to the crops in Illinois, which is where the majority of the country's canned pumpkin is produced - bad news for pumpkin pie lovers. We're also seeing a shortage in California, but for opposite reasons. Rather than wet weather, it's the drought that's causing problems. Due to water limitations, many California growers did not plant this year.

Ongoing shipping issues due to the COVID19 pandemic are not helping this situation either, which has led to more shortages in some areas than others.

So what does this mean? Well, simply put, fewer pumpkins will mean higher prices for consumers. This year, similar concerns have been affecting costume and decor sellers.  Issues with shipping mean that retailers won't have many chances to replenish this year, according to a Spirit Halloween spokesman.

Sounds like this would be a good year to get creative with your decorations and holiday dishes, as your go-to options might not be readily available.


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