The latest viral internet craze involves looking up the words "Florida Man" on Google followed by your birthday to see what crazy thing happened on that day.

It all started when Twitter user @g_pratimaaa had the clever idea—which she later revealed was first posted by a user named @gandalfsoda on Tumblr: “EVERYBODY google “florida man” followed by your birthday (florida man august 22) and tell me what you get. mine is Florida Man tries to attack neighbor with tractor.

The tweet quickly went viral, with Twitter users sharing their Florida Man Challenge headlines—and some are so insane we almost don't believe they're true. But they are! So why Florida man and not LA man or New York man? Well, apparently the state has a "Sunshine Law," which is "designed to guarantee that the public has access to the public records of governmental bodies in Florida." This means it's pretty easy for citizens and media outlets to access official documents, like police reports, unlike others state in the United States.

See some of the best Florida Man Challenge results below:


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