Vladimir Zivojinovic - Stringer
Vladimir Zivojinovic - Stringer

A press release dropped today (11/19) stating that Dubuque Community Schools will transition to remote learning from November 30th to December 4th.

According to the release:

Subject: Transition to Remote Learning from Nov. 30-Dec. 4

Dear Families,

As you know, we have been closely and continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our schools and community.

Our hybrid learning model continues to work as designed. Our ability to operate this model from the beginning of the school year through Thanksgiving is a testament to the staff and students who have continued to make this model successful. At the same time, we have seen significant spikes in COVID-19 cases following holidays and want to be prepared for a spike following Thanksgiving.


Following Thanksgiving,we plan to temporarily move to remote learning for ALL STUDENTS for ONE WEEK from Monday, Nov. 30, through Friday, Dec. 4.

·       The district has applied for a waiver from the Iowa Department of Education for this move.

·       Additional details about remote learning and meal availability during this time will be shared in upcoming days.

·       Our intent is to return to hybrid learning on Monday, Dec. 7.



This move is designed to provide an extra layer of protection to students and staff, as the vast majority of individuals will exhibit symptoms within 10 days following exposure.

·       Again, this measure is NOT due to spread of COVID-19 in buildings.

·       This move to remote learning will provide a 12-day break from in-person instruction and 10-days post-Thanksgiving.

·       We recognize that this is an inconvenience, but it will have great long-term benefit in allowing us to continue in-person learning moving forward.


We understand that this temporary move will require adjustments for families.

·       Fully online students will continue instruction on these days as scheduled.

·       For those in the hybrid model, this move will require families to make arrangements for students to be at home during that week for two additional days (A-day students) or three additional days (B-day students).

·       During this time, we urge families to continue taking the necessary steps to social distance, wear masks and to monitor for any symptoms.

·       Any individuals who develop symptoms should follow the steps outlined in the district’s COVID-19 Response Protocol.

Our ongoing mitigation strategies, combined with enhanced preventative restrictions across the county/state and optimistic news on the horizon regarding vaccine development, will allow this break to set us up to move forward with as little disruption as possible in the future.

Thank you for playing your part to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community and for your ongoing support of our students.


Stan Rheingans


Holy Family Schools plan to continue in-person learning following Thanksgiving but plan to closely monitor cases within their schools and make decisions independently from those of surrounding school districts.

Stay safe.

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