According to a report in the Telegraph Herald; Dubuque Main Street has named its new executive director; Danielle Jacobs. Jacobs took the position with an effective start date of September 6th and fills the seat emptied by Dan LoBianco who served as Dubuque Main Street’s executive director for 23 years. Jacobs does bring experience to the role 6 years as an executive director for the Freeport Downtown Development Foundation in Illinois. While there she had a hand in creating and working with two big events; the Pretzel City Brewfest and the 610 Music Festival. Her job centered on re-energizing downtown Freeport, Illinois.

Credit: Pretzel City Brewfest
Credit: Pretzel City Brewfest

Pretzel City Brewfest was a craft beer tasting festival that was hosted in Historic Freeport, Illinois where over 100 local and craft brews could be tried during the 5 hour event. The 610 Music Festival sought to bring indie artists in the local area as entertainment in country genre and featured around 9 different acts.

In additional news from Dubuque Main Street’s Social Pages; the Dubuque Farmers' Market Trick or Treat is officially back! That’s right! Bring out the ghouls and goblins (or your kids, that's fine too) and enjoy loads of fun Saturday, October 29th from 8 AM until Noon. Families are encouraged to stop at the information booth on 12th and Iowa before trick-or-treating as they will receive a free market-bag to do so throughout the local vendors! Make sure to dress up and show off your awesome costumes! As always the farmer's market is a great place to hang out and get to know your Dubuque Main Street team. Find them in the market booth and enjoy the local entertainment, fresh food, and awesome local vendors each Saturday morning.

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