Now that Joaquin Phoenix is out of the running for Marvel's 'Doctor Strange,' we're sure to be hearing more big names as the search is on for a major star to become the Sorcerer Supreme. And here's the latest rumor: Ewan McGregor is the current favorite to fill those magic shoes.

According to Badass Digest, McGregor is being eyed by Marvel to take the lead in 'Doctor Strange.' With Phoenix no longer an option, they definitely need someone, and relatively soon, and McGregor certainly fits the description of attractive, white, middle-aged dude. Seeing as Marvel clearly isn't going for subversive casting, McGregor isn't surprising, and he's definitely a solid choice.

As BAD points out, McGregor recently dyed his hair black and got himself a goatee for 'Jane Got a Gun' -- it's not very creative to see the photos and do the math, and it would be pretty low maintenance transition work for Marvel.

According to the rumor, they're just "looking at him" right now -- so this could mean they're just, you know, "Googling pictures of him to see how he looks in 'Jane Got a Gun,'" which is probably what you are doing right now, too. So basically, Marvel could literally be doing exactly what you are doing in a separate tab in your browser. Or they could actually be making lunch plans with Ewan McGregor, which is not something you are capable of doing, which is unfortunate for you.

What do you guys think? Is there a better alternative for 'Doctor Strange'?