Disney+ now has a "Continue Watching" tab, making it easier to pick up on your favorite show right where you left off. A new row of your recently watched shows appears on the Home screen, with the option to resume from wherever you stopped watching last. It is also worth noting that the "Resume" feature has only been recently added as well, which is somewhat shocking. For example, if you stopped watching The Mandalorian halfway through, you would have to start the episode from the beginning and fast forward to your desired spot the next time you watched it. Um, why did it take so long to fix this?

Nevertheless, this new addition shouldn't take too long to get used to, considering it's a universal feature on literally every other streaming service, from Netflix to Amazon Prime. No need to update the app — the feature will be implemented on the server side. It also works across platforms, so if you pause a show on your TV, you can keep watching from the same point on your laptop.

Apparently, the feature existed when the app launched nearly two weeks ago, but was removed after a series of glitches plagued its opening day. Since then, Disney has been hard at work remedying the tech problems it faces, including the promise to fix The Simpsons' incorrect aspect ratio in 2020.

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