David Crosby has done countless interviews over the course of his career, and more often than not, he's answered variations on the same few questions. But now, thanks to the A.V. Club, we know what kind of giant animal he'd like to ride to work.

The answer? "An elephant," Crosby laughed, "because I love elephants!"

Aside from his fantasy pachydermal commute, Crosby's 11 Questions Q&A shed some light on his future plans as a solo artist. After snapping a drought of more than 20 years between solo albums with 2013's Croz, Crosby is making up for lost time with not one, but two new LPs — both of which he plans to put out in 2016.

"I’m finishing up two solo records that I’m making at the same time. One of them’s already finished; the other’s about three-quarters of the way finished and both of them are going to come out this year," said Crosby, adding that one of the albums will include collaborations with Snarky Puppy member Michael League. "He’s my friend and is just a fascinating guy," he noted. "He produced the first one, the one that’s already done. He did a very good job."

Crosby's current creative rush is worth applauding, but it comes at a bittersweet moment in his career. As fans are painfully aware, he has more room in his schedule for solo work. That's because Crosby, Stills and Nash appear to have been irreparably ruptured by a feud between Crosby and Graham Nash, who recently went on record to vow he'd never record with his longtime partner again.

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