David Bowie advanced with ease to the third round of March Mullet Madness, while his next foe, James Hetfield, powered through his steepest challenge yet.

That's where you come in, fans. By now, your bracket is probably busted anyway, so why not put those same bracketology skills to the test with March Mullet Madness? We've lined up some of history's most spectacular mullets and paired them off against each other for a series of tonsorial battles, and we're halving the field every week based on your votes, until only the greatest mullet in rock history is left standing.

Bowie – who died earlier this year after an undisclosed battle with cancer – dispatched Michael Anthony in the first round, topping the Van Halen and Chickenfoot bassist by a score of 67-33 percent. Bowie then raced past Robert Plant, gathering 61 percent of the vote to the former Led Zeppelin singer's 39.

Meanwhile, Hetfield topped Lou Reed with 58 percent of the opening-round vote. The Metallica frontman's former collaborator earned 42 percent. Hetfield had a little more trouble, however, with Paul McCartney, though he still prevailed 55-45 percent.

So which of these mullets gets your vote? If you just can't decide, don't worry: You can come back and keep voting once an hour between now and when the Round Three polls close on April 4 at 11:59PM ET. Our March Mullet Madness winner will be announced on April 12.


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