Billy Idol has announced a new EP, The Cage.

The four-track record will be released on Sept. 23 and will be available in CD and vinyl formats, including a limited-edition red vinyl. Idol has unveiled the EP's title track with a new video. You can watch the video and see the EP's track listing below.

"Coming out of the lockdown era, people had a lot of energy stored up," said co-producer Tommy English, who co-wrote three of the songs with Idol, guitarist Steve Stevens and Joe Janiak. "That was the inspiration for 'Cage.' Getting out there and doing the things we’ve been missing. And that includes not being afraid to do a raucous punk rock song like 'Cage.' And we didn’t worry about whether it fit in anywhere because it just sounds so Billy."

The Cage is reportedly a harder-sounding record than Idol's previous release, last year’s The Roadside EP.

"It's heavy,” longtime guitarist Steven told UCR earlier this year, noting that the new EP is a "flip side" to its more delicate predecessor. "We wanted it to be personal and intimate on the first go-round, but this one is big and heavy and the other side of the coin."

Idol was scheduled to tour alongside Journey during the first half of the year, but a chronic sinus infection — which required surgery – forced him to pull out of the trek. He went through months of recovery because the infection was resistant to antibiotics, but he has reportedly made a full recovery and is back on the road.

The singer is now scheduled to play a handful of U.S. dates before heading to South America for a stretch of concerts in September, followed by more touring in Europe.

Billy Idol, 'The Cage' Track Listing
1. "Cage"
2. "Running From the Ghost"
3. "Rebel Like You"
4. "Miss Nobody"

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