It could be the title of new whimsical book series... but actually, just yesterday (9/8) the Austin Strong Foundation was celebrating the first day of play at the new Austin Smith Inclusive Playground in Monticello, Iowa. This inclusive playground has something for every kid, no matter their ability. It features accessible equipment, musical toys, and areas that help spark imagination, play, and growth in all children. You can find more information about Austin, his family, and the Austin Strong Foundation here. Donations can be made online and sponsorships are available for future projects. And you can always sign-up to be a volunteer.

I’m not gonna’ lie, I’ve put away a couple of Easy & Royal Eddy’s in my time and Big Gove Brewery has really out done themselves this time. According to a report form KCRG, Big Grove’s Golden Boy beer, brewed in Solon, Iowa, has now helped raise over $1,500 dollars toward the Austin Strong Foundation. For those looking to help a great cause, the Austin Strong Foundation helps raise awareness, and funds, to combat childhood cancer and further cancer research.

Credit: Big Grove Brewery
Credit: Big Grove Brewery

For those of you looking to try Big Grove’s Golden Boy; you’ll be enjoying a wheat-like, shandy beer. It’s a mix of their classic West Main Wheat and an experimental run on a fruity Kveik yeast with plenty of coriander, lemon, and orange peel. Then they add lemon puree, fresh lemonade, and a little pineapple puree. In addition to the Austin Strong Foundation, Golden Boy was also brewed to celebrate the 2022 Great Jones County Fair. By the way, you can only find this beer on tap at their Solon, Iowa location and at Sally’s on Broadway in Springville, Iowa. For the other beers, like my favorites mentioned above, just stop by most convenience or grocery stores, as it’s easily found most everywhere in Iowa.

Big Grove Breweries next big event in Solon is the end-of-summer party and drink pairing dinner featuring a range of seafood dishes. Chefs, brewers, and hospitality staff take over the brewery, but space is limited to 60 guests for this event on Monday October 3rd. Cocktails start at 5pm with dinner to follow at 5:30. For questions and more information email

And remember, you can find more information about Austin Smith, his family, and the Austin Strong Foundation here. Donations can be made online, sponsorships are available for future projects, and you can always sign-up to be a volunteer.

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