This holiday season, Y105, Eagle 102.3, News/Talk 1490, Q107.5 and 103.3 WJOD encourages you to support local businesses and...


Why?  Here's five of the best reasons...

1. Unlike buying online, when you #ShopTriStates, you can see the items and try them out before you buy them.

2. You'll get better customer service.  When you #ShopTriStates, you have a connection with the owner and staff that you don't have at big box stores or online retailers.  No 800 numbers here!

3. Buying items locally means less shipping, which is better for the environment.  When you #ShopTriStates, you're helping save the planet.

4. When you #ShopTriStates, you support local non-profits, events and other organizations.  Locally owned businesses donate more than twice as much per dollar to these groups, according to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

5. Every dollar spent at a locally owned business returns 3 times more money to the local economy than one spent at a chain store, according to the American Independent Business Alliance.  When you #ShopTriStates, your money stays here, supporting your friends and neighbors.

As you work through your shopping list, visit these local businesses!

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