The year 1966 found America at a crossroads, as the nation faced war abroad and turmoil at home.

The Civil Rights Movement was reaching a climax, as tensions boiled over across the country. Meanwhile, the Vietnam War spurred protests all over the U.S., as thousands of young men were shipped across the globe to fight in a war many didn’t believe in.

Naturally, these major overarching events had an effect on the art of 1966, with film, television and music reflecting the era. The year delivered some of the greatest albums in history, as the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys each released masterpieces.

On TV, viewers were entertained by sci-fi adventures, a caped crusader, secret agents and a wide range of game shows. Fans also said goodbye to one of the most beloved sitcoms in television history, and they embraced two specials that have become holiday classics.

At the movies, it was a mixed bag, as filmmakers explored a wide array of cinematic styles. Michael Caine embodied the swinging sixties, while Carl Reiner led a Cold War comedy. Clint Eastwood proved he could be good and bad (but not so ugly), while Raquel Welch became a pinup for the ages thanks to her fur bikini.

The below list of the 66 Most '60s Things About 1966 boasts a collection of the biggest, strangest and most eye-catching moments from an exceptionally unique year. From art to inventions, politics to sports and fashion to snack foods, we’ve got all the bases covered.

The 66 Most '60s Things About 1966

A look at the music, movies, TV shows, headline-grabbing news stories and pop culture events of 1966.

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