Because it seems like everyone is using their phones to take pictures and videos these days, isn't it about time they start doing it correctly?

It's a question that Anna Toth asks in 'Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees' -- a new music video from the IFHT comedy channel -- aimed at amateur videographers who shoot videos and photos with their smartphones turned vertically.

"There's so much more for you to see, when you turn your phone horizontally," she sings, before getting to the point. "If you don't, I'll break you knees" -- a line that's accompanied by a scene of Toth violently shooting a guy's knees off.

The song -- guided by an uptempo acoustic guitar and Toth's sweet voice -- is actually pretty good. The fact that it comes with a helpful message to people who have no clue how to use their phones properly to take pictures and videos is icing on the cake.

The song sums it all up: "The Internet has spoken, and we all agree: Your habits are annoying and our eyes they bleed." So just use your damn phone as it was intended, please.